CuSANA cover - safe, environmentally friendly, sustainable

CuSANA cover - the copper-coated protective cover for FFP2 masks, disinfects itself permanently and permanently all by itself. Copper has an antibacterial effect and destroys all harmful germs, viruses and bacteria within a few minutes. The inner and outer cover is simply slipped over the FFP2 mask and envelops it completely. Breathing is not additionally restricted by the extremely air-permeable woven cotton fabric..

In just 1 minute we explain (only german) what makes CuSANA Cover so unique and what our copper-coated cover can do. Have fun with it!

We only use materials that are free of harmful substances, all components used in the cover are OEKO TEX 100 Standard. Copper is a natural element and the fabric is made of pure cotton. Thus all parts of the cover are recyclable.

Because of the copper-coated mask covers, you can wear your FFP2 mask 7 times longer than without the CuSANA cover. The useful life of the inner and outer cover is approx. 1 year. This saves not only your wallet but also the environment.

This makes CuSANA cover a truly sustainable product, Made in Germany.

For more information on CuSANA cover FFP2 inside, please visit our detailed info page:

CuSANA cover is available in 2 sets, with and without Mask spoon.