CuSANA cover, the self-disinfecting cover for FFP2 masks

CuSANA cover FFP2 inside, the copper-coated mask cover, specially developed for FFP2 masks, protects you safely and permanently against viruses and bacteria. The CuSANA cotton fabric coated with a content of over 70% elemental copper has been proven to destroy germs within just a few minutes.

CuSANA cover is your personal protective shield against viruses and bacteria. Only our specially developed system, which consists of an inner and outer cover, completely encases the FFP2 mask. The mask cover thus not only protects you from external environmental influences, but also prevents the FFP2 mask from becoming contaminated from the inside.

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Die Advantages of CuSANA cover FFP2 inside

  • Due to the permanent self-disinfection, an FFP2 mask with CuSANA cover can be worn at least 7 times longer.
  • The covers are washable and can be used for up to 1 year, only the FFP2 mask needs to be replaced.
  • This will not only save you money, but you will also avoid unnecessary waste and thus protect the environment and resources..
  • The cover is permanently disinfected, as confirmed and certified by the official test centre for textile products (Hohenstein Institute).

CuSANA cover FFP2 inside provides lasting and sustainable protection, hygiene and safety.

We have put together different sets for you, a CuSANA cover advantage set and a basic set. The advantage set contains, in addition to the inner and outer CuSANA FFP2 cover, 1 FFP2 mask already mounted in the CuSANA cover, 4 spare FFP2 masks and a mask spoon. The mask spoon consists of two parts, a base and the actual mask spoon and can be used to quickly replace the FFP2 mask. In addition, the mask spoon is a chic accessory for storing the CuSANA mask cover.

As accessories, you can also reorder the FFP2 masks, which are optimally suited for CuSANA cover; shipping for the refill set is free of charge. The mask spoon can also be ordered separately as an accessory.

For more information on CuSANA cover FFP2 inside, please visit our detailed info page:

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