MAVIG Cu29, the self-disinfecting
mouth-nose protection for every day

MAVIG Cu29, the copper-coated mouth-nose protector for every day, protects you safely and permanently from viruses and bacteria. MAVIG Cu29 is made of our CuSANA cotton fabric, which is coated with a content of over 70% elemental copper and has been proven to destroy germs within just a few minutes. Another advantage is the exceptionally high air permeability, about twice as high as required by DIN 14683. Another special feature is the prevention of odours - the MAVIG Cu29 mouth-nose protection always smells fresh and clean.

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The MAVIG Cu29 mouth-nose protector is your personal protective shield against viruses and bacteria. MAVIG Cu29 thus not only protects you from external environmental influences, but also prevents germs from entering the mouth-nose guard itself.

CE-classified as a class 1 medical device and certified for extremely fast antimicrobial efficacy.

This is what the renowned MAVIG brand stands for.

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